I am certain we all have at least one item in our closet we just can't seem to get rid of. There are so many amazing possibilities and endless creations this one item can be transformed into. 

Through the
reuse and recycle of clothing, we can avoid pollution and help in creating a more sustainable future. Shontell advocates for such a cause by recycling unwanted clothes, rather than throw them away they can be repurposed through the process of deconstructing and reconstructing the waste materials into new, desirable and unique custom designs. This is just one way we can all help make a difference in this beautiful world we live in by making it environmentally friendly...The possibilities are endless!
We provide the options of either bringing your used, unwanted item to our drop off location or mailing it to us. We provide various
signature design ideas, or specify exactly what you want done to your own personal design and satisfaction. We also provide fashion advice and feedback. We recreate your final design choice and then send you your new slay-fit.
Moreover, we also offer a limited selection of signature design pieces all made entirely from scrap fabric left over from custom made pieces produced.