About Us

"Apparel for the Phenomenal You"

At Shontell, Phenomenal Women and Prodigious Men are offered a chance to exhibit his/her inner grandeur as a unique work of art, cascaded onto the body for the world to acclaim.

Rich, beautiful, bright color palettes; abstract shapes, prints and construction; all contribute to our "Out-of-the-Norm" design aesthetics, which aims at fulfilling our eccentric clientele's every desire.

 We have always been a lover of fashion and the excitement and confidence it instills on the inside. It relinquishes the ability to showcase our God-given talents and aspirations as individuals.

Shontell's aim is to boost one's confidence as a bold and daring individual while wearing our hand-made "Tour de Force" pieces, which are customized to your personal specifications and satisfaction. 

We are also a strong advocate for Sustainable Fashion and Going-Green. We aim at making our pieces as environmental-friendly as possible and are destined to help save the planet and create a more sustainable future.